Media & Publications

Media & Publications

Selected Contributions

Raw Politics, Eurochannel

Livia comments on whether YouTubers’ political speech should be regulated during election periods

OECD-GVH Regional Center for Competition (Southeast, East and Central Europe) Seminar for Young Staff

Livia speaks during three sessions: conducting cartels investigations, exclusionary abuses, and vertical restraints.

Tech Giants Brace as Vestager 2.0 Gets EU Power Upgrade

Livia comments on competition law and regulation in digital markets

Why Europe Wants to Change its Competition Policy

Livia explains the political motivations behind suggested changes to EU competition policy

Easyjet v. Commission : Complainants not Entitled to a Second Bite

Livia explains how the European Commission or a national competition authority may reject a complaint previously rejected by another authority simply due to a lack of priority to further investigate