/ vɛctory /


  1. Where forces are constructed and directed towards the right balance between regulation-freedom
    and collaboration-competition in our digital policies and rules.

What we do

Through our multi-disciplinary experience and vast network of decision makers and stakeholders in Brussels, we connect, analyze and distill information and intelligence about developments in competition enforcement, regulation and policy in the digital area.

We anticipate risks and opportunities, construct strategies, and implement plans that advance the digital policy agenda in Europe and beyond through the Brussels effect.

What sets us apart

  • Insider competition enforcement and policy experience, credibility, and vast network of contacts from nearly a decade of professional experience inside competition enforcement agencies in the EU and US
  • Business experience world-wide as in-house and external legal counsel with a leading multinational using big data, analytics, and technology to understand what, when and how people watch and buy
  • Direct personal experience with EU and US legal, political and corporate decision-making systems, and their implications for multi-jurisdictional case and regulatory strategies